the mirth project at christmas

Your gifts transform the holidays for teenagers in need.

The Mirth Project’s holiday mission is to link the Christmas wish lists of low-income teens (age 13 to 19) with donors.

Our teens create a unique Christmas wish list and our donors choose which items to donate. Reach out today and we’ll match you with a teen and their family. 

If you would like to donate directly to the Mirth Project without matching with a family, click here. Donations through the form will supplement Wish Lists with basic necessities and additional gifts. Any amount is greatly appreciated.

Making Wishes Come True

The Mirth Project at Christmas aims to deliver Christmas magic to every teenager on our list.

We work with teens to create a unique wish list, and our donors choose which items to purchase and donate. We ask that our donors commit to spending a minimum of $175 per list, but most of our donors spend much more.

If you would like to contribute with no minimum, you can give through this form. Any amount is appreciated, and will be used to supplement Wish Lists.

What’s on a Christmas list? Things you would not expect. 

The teen wish lists are eye opening and moving.  When their families first find the project, they need basic things that most of us take for granted.

They often ask for their own towels (because there is only one for their entire family), sheets, blankets, winter coats and school supplies. The project has provided beds and mattresses for teens who, up until finding the project, were sleeping on the floor.

Many times the items these teens are wanting are things that allow them to pursue an interest or a passion.

Donors have provided basketball shoes, football cleats, choir uniforms and, yes, even an electric guitar!  Teens have been given Chrome Books, Tablets, Tennis shoes (Nike’s and Air Jordan’s are on almost every teen boys list), backpacks, art supplies and personal care items are also commonly seen.

Many of our families have multiple teens in their family and we take extra care to ensure a balance of gifts. 

We occasionally enhance a Mirth Project with donations we feel are appropriate. We only add to projects, we never take from them, so rest assured that the gifts bought will always go to the intended teen.

Please reach out to be matched with a teen. Teens can be adopted by individuals, families, groups and businesses.

How can you get involved?

Your Impact

After researching programs available for low income families during the holidays, it became apparent that there were many programs providing parents with gifts for their young children. But once these children turned 13, there were no holiday programs for them.  So, in 2017 The Mirth Project was born.



Individual Donors