teens with dreams

For the kids who dream big, we’re there.

For families in need meeting their teenager’s extracurricular activity needs is next to impossible. But we know that the pursuit of arts like music, dance and extracurriculars like  athletics keeps kids on the right track. 

Our support and your donation will give each nominated teenager everything they need to pursue their dream and most of all, to believe in themselves. 

How it Works

Our process gives you the chance to completely transform a teenager’s life.

Step one. Students are Nominationed.

Teens whose families are unable to afford the extras to pursue their interests are nominated by mentors in their lives like principals, coaches or other adults.

Step two. Their needs are Identified.

Teens with Dreams identifies the specific needs of a nominee.  Every dream and every teen is different. So, we take great care to ensure their dream is answered.

Step three. Dreams become reality.

Through monetary gifts, donated items or in-kind donations of things like dance lessons, basketball lessons or other classes – we make their dream a reality.